Cryptic Clash is an educational auto-battler where password strength is taken very literally. Ever wondered how strong a password is? Well now you can watch them battle it out!

Controls: Click to move your password

Made in 2 weeks for Cybersecurity Game Jam 2021 馃
Theme: Good Password and Bad Password - Players will learn about how to compose a good password and avoid composing bad passwords.

Fonts by and
Graphics by
SFX by

Want to learn more about what makes a good password? Check out my sources here!

Best played using Windows 10, in a Google Chrome browser

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(153 total ratings)
AuthorLio Lim
GenreEducational, Simulation
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Unity

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i love the xkcd reference


I'm hoping that this game will get an update. Played and "beat" it several times and really liked it.


Nice idea, unfortunately it's teaching the wrong way to think about password security.. For those actually interested, google Diceware

my password is so long it isn't even on the screen anymore lol

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eventually I made a god-tier password BEHOLD


oh you expect this to be my password?

hehehe you really are foolish

Deleted post

Very fun! :D

This game is good but it can鈥檛 save progress over long terms


tip have a lot of symbol symbols = fireball


my password is so good i forgot it


Final password: Wait, did you really think I would post it? Hah, jokes on you!


Ended up with 42 charcters XD

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good lookin, nicely programmed, random idea hahaha classic xD

How to get it on Windows 7?

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i got " d1iop'nOWR$b+Dnemd='yhgmp@EXmow$9r]tuy$#T3ex " lmao


wow this was almost a year ago and i just saw this. happy new year


happy new year :D


managed to bug game by dying and winning at same time


This was a really great and fun game. The way it shows different password strengths and how to make a password stronger through various techniques was innovative and interesting! I also liked the little blurbs that gave information about the passwords being fought. If this game ever gets expanded upon, I do think an interesting piece of information to be added is the fact that even if someone has a strong password, if they use it on multiple sites, it might as well be useless due to leaks and such. 

Overall, a really great game!


I'm glad you liked it! Great point, there are many more important aspects to cybersecurity than just raw password strength 馃挭


really cool game


my password was mrrt@$dSO!p$$^pcAW]rOy


I enjoyed this game very much.


Great Game

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how did people get such short passwords to win? i won at S@Owd/#QO3sc2tro!$ppfb_


Love it!


This was alot of fun! grinded out a longer password to slaughter the final enemy!


nice game 9/10


i like this game


i ended up with the password $ROTOr;9`_=@s`0$d1 and won the boss


Well don鈥檛 TELL people your password, goober


fun little learning game. quick way to kill some free time in school


Nice. Final password is REDACTED


wow thats nice idea


Really nice little learning experience as well as a surprisingly fun game. Nice work!

I'd love to see an addition so that how easy to remember a password is had an effect on its stats.

you know what happened, I won but the last enemy attack hit me and kill me but I still won thought









this is good


Ended up with T~@.)OSQRS9D3WVON5


that was fun! i won with RD0$pSw~@#1Tq


I had an alarming amount of fun with this one. It鈥檚 just simple combat fun done in a nifty way. I鈥檓 impressed with how well you managed to portray password strength via the medium of silly video game combat. The difficulty level seems to go up consistently with the strength of each password you fight, too, and I鈥檓 absolutely stunned at how well you managed to math that out. There鈥檚 even a strategy element where you have to decide if you want weaker characters at the front to let your ranged characters harass the enemy or put the explosive-throwing characters up front to weaken the enemy forces.

One little niggle, it seems like the passwords work really hard to stay in formation, and that lead me to some problems where I would direct my password to go to the right and the first letter would end up hanging too far to the left to aggro and attack the enemy while I was waiting for the later letters and the ones with ranged attacks to catch up. Had some frustrating moments with that.

I feel like the ability to fight against custom passwords wouldn鈥檛 go amiss either. That way you can get people to enter their real-life passwords and the game can show where they鈥檙e weak and then duke it out with the procedurally-generated password you get from playing the game. Maybe people can even compete to see who can find the strongest passwords.


this was a really good game :)

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help me

it says: An embedded page at says Your browser does not support WebGL


Please try another browser! I would reccomend using Google Chrome

i am using a Google Chrome browser :(

oop- I'd reccomend to try other browsers but other than that i can't help u fam sry :')

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oh okay thank you

edit: it works now for some reason


Very fun and engaging! I ended up accidentally learning something too! :D


i began with password, I ended with #$$@W@R=30@DoE%

confusing end password but fun game :)


My first shuffle and the beginning of my password was dpr5sin

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