Post Jam Update!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your overwhelming support these past few weeks! It is an honour to have won the 1st runner up in this game jam, especially up against the many other great games that I've tried. I hope you all enjoyed my game as much as I enjoyed making it!


  • "I can't enter the password during the tutorial!"
    Made it clearer that you have to explicitly type "password" instead of your own password
    • rephrased prompt: please enter your the password
    • screen shake + screen flash + error sfx on wrong key press
    • current letter blinks like a cursor

Known Bugs:

  • If both passwords are defeated in quick succession, you will clear the stage but not get an upgrade.

Feedback and Possible future extensions:

  • Players cannot choose their own passwords
    • Allow players to use their own passwords once they finish the game
    • Allow players to see and fight other player's passwords
  • The game plays without user input and navigation, and it gets a little bit boring/repetitive after a few rounds
    • Allow players to pick up and move characters freely
    • Introduce new mechanics as your password gets stronger (e.g. spells such as "brute force" and "dictionary attack"


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91 days ago

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