Impostor Syndrome is a thrilling short game where you play as a crewmate in Among Us in first person. Complete tasks and avoid the impostor!

WASD to move
Mouse to look around and interact with tasks
M to open map
Hold shift to sprint

Made in 10 days for the Black and White Jam #5! 🥉
Theme: Outer Space
Restriction: The game must be in only Black & White

All assets used are free and can be found in the Unity Asset Store:

Inspired by Among Us:

Best played using Windows 10, in a Google Chrome browser


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Imposter 130 MB


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I kept getting lost ;-;

sorry about that, i would have made a better map if I had the time :') you can try sprinting around with Shift if it helps!


It´s okay! Liked the game. I found my way. 


This is a really cool game :D


Impostor Syndrome made me squirm at the chair,  the music and that cool black and white space-ambiance gives me the creeps. 

The puzzles are intuitive and well designed; but I couldn't concentrate too much, because I was using my 5-sense staying alert!

I played this game 2 or 3 hours ago, once played, the gameplay sensations that remains in me are a mix between: "Don't cross this door, don't even think about looking back, please quit the game and prevent a hearth-attack" + "Man, be realistic, this is just a game, it couldn't be that bad!".

I suppose the game was as "fun" as an horror game can be ^^'

Highly recommended


Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you liked it 🥰