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This was a really great and fun game. The way it shows different password strengths and how to make a password stronger through various techniques was innovative and interesting! I also liked the little blurbs that gave information about the passwords being fought. If this game ever gets expanded upon, I do think an interesting piece of information to be added is the fact that even if someone has a strong password, if they use it on multiple sites, it might as well be useless due to leaks and such. 

Overall, a really great game!

I'm glad you liked it! Great point, there are many more important aspects to cybersecurity than just raw password strength 💪


really cool game


my password was mrrt@$dSO!p$$^pcAW]rOy


I enjoyed this game very much.


Great Game

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how did people get such short passwords to win? i won at S@Owd/#QO3sc2tro!$ppfb_


Love it!


This was alot of fun! grinded out a longer password to slaughter the final enemy!


nice game 9/10


i like this game


i ended up with the password $ROTOr;9`_=@s`0$d1 and won the boss


Well don’t TELL people your password, goober


fun little learning game. quick way to kill some free time in school


Nice. Final password is REDACTED


wow thats nice idea


Really nice little learning experience as well as a surprisingly fun game. Nice work!

I'd love to see an addition so that how easy to remember a password is had an effect on its stats.

you know what happened, I won but the last enemy attack hit me and kill me but I still won thought








this is good


Ended up with T~@.)OSQRS9D3WVON5


that was fun! i won with RD0$pSw~@#1Tq


I had an alarming amount of fun with this one. It’s just simple combat fun done in a nifty way. I’m impressed with how well you managed to portray password strength via the medium of silly video game combat. The difficulty level seems to go up consistently with the strength of each password you fight, too, and I’m absolutely stunned at how well you managed to math that out. There’s even a strategy element where you have to decide if you want weaker characters at the front to let your ranged characters harass the enemy or put the explosive-throwing characters up front to weaken the enemy forces.

One little niggle, it seems like the passwords work really hard to stay in formation, and that lead me to some problems where I would direct my password to go to the right and the first letter would end up hanging too far to the left to aggro and attack the enemy while I was waiting for the later letters and the ones with ranged attacks to catch up. Had some frustrating moments with that.

I feel like the ability to fight against custom passwords wouldn’t go amiss either. That way you can get people to enter their real-life passwords and the game can show where they’re weak and then duke it out with the procedurally-generated password you get from playing the game. Maybe people can even compete to see who can find the strongest passwords.


this was a really good game :)

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help me

it says: An embedded page at says Your browser does not support WebGL


Please try another browser! I would reccomend using Google Chrome

i am using a Google Chrome browser :(

oop- I'd reccomend to try other browsers but other than that i can't help u fam sry :')

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oh okay thank you

edit: it works now for some reason


Very fun and engaging! I ended up accidentally learning something too! :D


i began with password, I ended with #$$@W@R=30@DoE%

confusing end password but fun game :)


My first shuffle and the beginning of my password was dpr5sin


Hi Lio. Nice work with cryptic-clash.

I find it a good little educational game to learn some basic rules for children (but also for many adults).
I offer myself if it's possible, to translate it (in French at first) in order to help its diffusion.
Do not hesitate to contact me.


The game's fun and teaches good knowledge. My complaints are more personal in terms of getting better passwords when I have a different one for all my accounts on different websites. Wonder if there's a place to consult that.

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When I was playing, the sound got really crinkly. pls fix


best game in terms of variety, love the idea, I just wish I could download it :/

same i cant play it since its stuck in the loading screen and dont load 


i beat the last one with ONE LOWERCASE MEELEE CHARACTER im so proud of "x

fun game broski fun game


I liked this game. I started questioning my passwords I use thanks to the game. Thank you for the good work.

I never thought I would see these assets in a game like this, incredible idea and execution, it gave me a lot of inspiration and was excellent in the idea of educating about the subject, I think if there was a form of pvp it would be awesome, I know it's kind of complicated hahahaha, another interesting thing would be to allow the writing of the password itself.

Thanks for your amazing assets! They really brought the game to life :)


The real issue with the xkcd password is the fact that because of the comic's popularity, it is now common knowledge, making it about as secure as "password".

As for the method used to create the password, your claim that it's vulnerable to "a clever dictionary attack" is misleading. To crack the password in a few days, like you suggested, the attacker would have to:

  • know the method used to generate the password
  • know the exact list of words used to generate the password
  • have access to the hashed password (instead of, for example, attacking a server)

Finally, the point of this method is to create a password that is hard to crack, but very easy to remember, and it achieves that.


Thanks for pointing this out, you have some great points! To be more transparent about my calculations:

  • I assume that the attacker has access to the hashed password for all attacks, as that is the most common form of attack.
  • My "clever dictionary attack" would be to brute force whole words as well as characters, which means that the xkcd password is only 4 "characters" long. I would start by using the most common words and slowly expand my dictionary, which means that my character pool would reach about 12k "characters" before cracking that password. This would also destroy passwords like "catlover99" and "strong_password", however, I admit it is still rather idealistic haha.
  • 2 very easy ways to avoid this are to change one of the words to a very niche one (e.g. Panthera) and to throw a random character in the middle of a word!

This video explains this pretty well!


This is impressive.  Here is the only, or at least one of the only, edutainment browser games I've ever seen. It gives me renewed interest in the possibility of browser games, which to be honest rarely set a lasting good impression on me in the early 2000's.

Each other item I can think of to say in praise has already been said by users who have already posted here. The gameplay itself, the way you interwove the lessons with the gameplay. I will also add that the general presentation is well-executed. These little letters, numbers, and symbols feel alive as they fight, right down to the AI.  It even feels tragic watching the other passwords fall, and the survivors back away into corners only to be mowed down.

If I may leave a little constructive criticism, a couple of things. 

 First of all, kids should be introduced to the logic and importance of password protection early in life, and this game would be perfect- and yet I personally think it's important let kids keep clean language as long as possible. Please consider replacing the word "pissed" with "ticked" and otherwise letting profanity be given a miss.

Secondly, the accomplishment of defeating all the other passwords is fairly significant in my opinion. I would like to advise adding something after defeating the last password. Even just a text block saying , in more words, "Congratulations! Remember that these principles apply in real life, so feel free to use what you've learned here in any passwords you make going forward!" This would bookend what has otherwise been a unique and enjoyable edutainment experience.

Third, the ranged attacks of the numbers are easily dodged just by the back-and-forth the other team's symbols do by default. This makes numbers feel like they're missing out on their potential. The best I can suggest is a very slight tracking system, or just having the arrows come out horizontally.

Fourth, the simplicity of combat makes the point-and-click movement feel unrealized in its potential. If you ever want to integrate additional concepts into password security education, please consider working them into the arena so we have something more to click on than the other guy's password symbol troupe.

This is all in love. You've made a darn good browser game here, and edutainment game. Please keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for your kind words, as well as for taking the time to give such amazing feedback! I really appreciate it, and will definitely work on these for my next patch.

Thank you so much for playing! 🥰🥰🥰


Not only was this cute & educational, I actually had fun playing this, which is pretty rare for an educational game lol. The educational bits were incorporated into the gameplay instead of feeling like it was just crammed in, AND I actually learned a thing or two & will be updating my passwords accordingly. I feel like it would've been even better if players could enter their custom passwords, but from a cyber security perspective it's 100% understandable why you didn't go that route XD

All in all, a unique concept executed really well!!!


Super cool concept, my password game has changed forever after playing this.


Weirdly fun! I beat all the passwords. I also think your obsessed with lions.

Excellent observation ;)


XKCD’s password seems vulerable :-P

By the way, played in FireFox ’cause it wouldn’t load into chrome…

Especially since everyone knows it now ;)

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into it


In fact, it was a disguised feedback too :-P

There’s a typo in the game in the word vulnerable describing XKCD’s password.


Very nice game

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What a cool game! At first I was a little "eh just having to sit back and see things run on their own, but I got absorbed by the importance of the arrangements and buffs of the password. Really neat aspect. I loved hearing the booms, too.

This caught my eyes because I had to learn the hard way of having a BUFF password (and I randomly felt like going on, so this was a very pleasant reminder to not be so careless about security.

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